Stewart's Honors Project - The Walnut Kernel Photos

Photos relating to the Walnut Kernel and my honors project.

Walnut testbed and Sutekh
The Walnut Testbed, two serial terminals and Sutekh, the build machine running FreeBSD 1.1. Everything is the good old 486.

Insides of Sutekh
The inside of Sutekh, the Walnut build machine. Trusty 486 where the jumpers need to be changed when you upgrade the RAM, which is fun when you don't have any docs on the motherboard.

Walnut Console, on the Testbed
What you get after switching to serial console.

Walnut Serial console with drive interface
The infamous drive.c interface to the Walnut Kernel, running on the great serial console.

Some of the people who have worked on parts of Walnut
Some of the Walnut Crew

working out how some of Walnut works
Working out how some of Walnut works.

Working out Sutekh's DIP switch settings
Working out Sutekh's dip switch settings.

More workings on discovering how Walnut works
More workings on the discovery of how walnut works.

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